Taco Bell

A digital kiosk experience for dine-in patrons

Taco Bell wanted to enhance the ordering experience for dine-in customers. They hired my team to design and build a kiosk interface that allows patrons to select, customize, and place food orders.

Visual design for the kiosk was rooted in Taco Bell's current aesthetic. However, we aimed to further extend their visual language to include new textures and iconography.

The main challenge for the interface was handling the sheer volume of Taco Bell’s inventory.  Categorization was key in tackling this challenge in order to present items in a clean and simple way, while allowing for maximum customization.

The second challenge was creating a simple checkout experience to easily guide the user with minimal employee assistance.  We broke the process down into steps and leveraged photography, illustration, and iconography to help direct the user.

Lastly, we made sure to cover edge cases that might appear during the ordering process.

Taco Bell launched their dine-in ordering kiosk at their Irvine headquarters and various locations in Southern California.  They are looking to roll out the experience to other stores soon.

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