Pizza Hut

A field study on the reception and preference of digital ordering solutions for dine-in customers

Pizza Hut wanted to gauge dine-in customer reception of digital ordering kiosks. My team conducted a field study with 2 tablet prototypes to test general customer reception and preference of different digital solutions.

prototype a

This implementation focused on replicating Pizza Hut’s current paper order form.  The idea of this direction was to provide a familiar experience in a digital platform.  This implementation also allowed  customers to see all options at once.

prototype B

This direction was designed to be a dynamic, guided experience.  The idea was to walk users through the ordering process and give them real-time visual updates as they customize their orders.

In general, our field study yielded interesting observations in how customers interacted with each digital solution.  Prototype A was a faster ordering solution, but users tended to experience information overload and mild confusion.  Prototype B was not as fast, but users valued the imagery and step-by-step guidance.  Overall, customers preferred Prototype B.

In regards to overall customer reception, they were somewhat welcoming to the concept of dine-in digital ordering. However, customers also exercised a concern about the technology replacing human jobs.  Some customers even valued human interaction over a digital interface.

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